Martyn Royce at work

martyn royce, contemporary painter

Martyn Royce is a contemporary figurative painter who lives and works in London,UK. He paints to express feelings and experiences rather than to describe true life; and often explores the private inner world of dreams, fears, fantasies and reflections.

His pictures challenge the universal perceptions of love, death, remorse and desire, and are often expressed in large-format works using dramatic colours and distorted figures shown in non-naturalistic environments.

Figures often float, fragment and distort in restricted ambiguous spaces that deny traditional perspective. Sometimes they inhabit multi-dimensional, imaginary worlds of confusion, angst and uncertainty; and sometimes, in contrast, they evoke a more gentle, dream-like poetic vision.

With a lifetime of representational figurative study experience, the artist rejoices in the total freedom of form, colour and spatial depth and has developed a unique and memorable visual language of his own.

The paintings shown in the gallery section are a representative sample only. All works are oil on canvas and are usually at least three foot in height. Many of the contemporary paintings shown in the gallery are for sale, others are already sold and are in private collections in the UK, United States and South East Asia.

A limited number of commissions are undertaken each year – mainly for museums, galleries and corporate clients – but the artist is happy to discuss paintings for individual clients too. Please email or call to discuss further.

Please click here for email enquiries: Martyn Royce
or call +44 07732 914273