“I always feel that my artistic journey is only just beginning – that is the excitement and challenge that inspires me. My work questions the experiences and journeys that we all make throughout our lives: our expectations, our confusions, our weaknesses and our dreams. I try to illuminate and focus on the human condition: how it feels to be alive right now at this place and time; the reality of our perceptions; the sudden joy; the elation; the love; the hope – and sometimes despair – the world wraps around us.”
Martyn Royce

Martyn Royce is a contemporary artist working in London, UK. Trained as a classical artist through a four-year arts programme, Martyn has always been passionate and committed to artistic self-expression.

On reaching 40 – and after many successful years producing outstanding and memorable creative work within the commercial world – Martyn re-focused his artistic energies. And took on perhaps that most challenging and expressive medium of all: oil paint. Here he spent several years experimenting with subjects, styles and treatments before emerging with a unique and powerful visual language of his own.

Resisting the temptation to exhibit and sell early in his career, Martyn is now making an exciting and memorable appearance on the world contemporary art stage.

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